GV House / Garden Village in a House

Garden Village in a House

This house is located in a residential area of Kanazawa city where commercial activities are thriving.Although the east side of the house faces the road and the other three sides face the adjoining houses, it still receives adequate light and ventilation, and with half of the area to the south being open, the house has a good view. The client has outlined to us that they would like to be able to enjoy gardening, growing vegetables, serving tea, and making ceramics in an enclosed area with some privacy. The garden contains different areas for trees, flower beds, and vegetable patches, creating a scene in which everything gradually blends together. The three small one-story buildings, including the entrance, tea house, and atelier, extend into the garden, creating a close link with the outside space and forming a village-like scene.

The finishes of the garden are arranged based on the grid of the buildings, creating a seamless unity of inside and outside space in order. Children playing in the grounds, vegetables being harvested, seeds growing naturally, new green leaves, autumn foliage, wild birds building their nests, the blue sky across the changing seasons…

We propose the Garden Village in a House with a design featuring an “organic relationship” between people and building, building and nature, and nature and people within the home’s rectangular area where each element coexists in harmony, even in the middle of the city, and changes and growth can be felt as part of daily life.

Location Ishikawa, Kanazawa Principal use Private residence
Structure Wooden Site area 375.74㎡
Story 2F Total floor area 313.54㎡
Date 2014 Constructor Keyakijyuken Co.,Ltd